I meant to tell you how great an idea your Dinner Club is. It's so sociable, and oftentimes, I just want to socialise without the pressures of dating and being on a date, and I get to meet all kinds of different people outside my usual circle. I just need someone to organise a social event for me given my irregular work schedule and night shifts! Thanks 🙂

Testimonial Kim

I had a ball last night at the Quiz Night, thanks for making me feel so welcome. What a great group of people! Are there any tickets left for the Australia Day cruise?

Testimonial Annette

Thanks for the service you have provided, and for the way you bring people together and get out of their shells to meet others.

Testimonial Scott

Cupid has been at work again, he's been a busy boy. Nick and I are really happy we joined the club and have found what we are both looking for. We are like two peas in a very happy pod! Thanks for being a part of this and just letting you know that you're a star. We couldn't have done it without you!!

Testimonial Tanya

Thanks to the Dinner Club I have met some lovely people, so many thanks to you. Take a huge pat on the back for a job very well done!

Testimonial Pete

Thanks heaps. Your club gave me the confidence to get out and about and
amongst it again.

Testimonial Sue

Just to let you know I enjoyed the evening at Elie's Tent. Good company, good conversation, good food and dancing. Thank you for being host.

Testimonial Mandy

After living like a hermit for 3 years, I finally plucked up the courage to go out but not knowing where or what I would find. I did a search on the net and found the Dinner Club. Nerves raging I took the plunge and called. And Wow! My first night and I get caught in a traffic jam making me 1 hour late, but the club made me feel so welcome and the nerves went away. From that day forward I changed from hermit to social butterfly. Then one night, out of the blue, I met someone. And now 9 months later with wedding bells to sound shortly I thank you or I should say we both thank you. If you reading this weSite for the first time...go on take the plunge and make some great friends, go different places and have a ball. You will never look back.

Testimonial Sam

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have a shower, put on some make-up and feel good. It's nothing to do with meeting someone...It's more to do with finding one self and learning how to have a good time again.

Testimonial Linda

I met Neil at my first function and am proud to announce our engagement. We would like to thank you for providing us the chance to meet and recommend The Dinner Club to any singles out there.

Testimonial Michelle

As usual, I really enjoyed myself last night. The food was excellent and the company was just what I needed. Most importantly though...it was about being with people that are all in the same boat...just looking for a good excuse to have a nice evening out, in good company, without any pressures.

Testimonial Linda P
Linda P

Just wanted to let you know that I probably (hopefully!) won't be along to any more events in the future... I have met a nice boy 🙂 I met him at the dinner club so must pass on HUGE thanks to you for the wonderful club you have!!!!!

Testimonial Melissa

Just a quick note to say thank you. As hard as that first step was, I had such a great time last night (my first night out for ages!) and went home kicking myself for not joining up 6 months ago!

Testimonial Max

I have checked out other social clubs and have come to the conclusion that Dinner Club had the best to offer. I always felt I had somewhere to go when I felt like a drink and a chat, and could do it when I was on my own and feel welcome.

Testimonial Lynn

What a great concept. I had so much fun and felt safe. Thanks Terry!

Testimonial Mel

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